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      intensive emdr retreats

hannah's project - intensive emdr retreats

We offer personalised intensive residential compassion focused attachment informed EMDR retreats in the beautiful Somerset countryside.  Every retreat is tailored to individual personal needs.  The retreats are led by Beverley, who has extensive experience treating complex mental health conditions, such as BDD, C-PTSD, DID, chronic pain conditions, and a variety of other mental health issues. 

Unlike other therapy modalities, EMDR can bring about dramatic improvement over a shorter time period, and so this is an ideal way to maximise upon this in order to move on with life or to kick start your recovery.  Intensive EMDR is beneficial for any issue that you would have standard weekly therapy for.  However, working intensively makes use of the fact that once you trigger the onset of processing the healing continues, not just for the next couple of days, as it would in weekly EMDR, but for significantly longer.  Therefore if we continue processing, rather than pausing for another week, so much more can be achieved.  This can be particularly helpful for those who want to quickly resolve symptoms following a traumatic event, or for those who want to speed up their recovery process. 

Whilst the initial cost up front is obviously higher then weekly therapy, it achieves so much more over a shorter period of time that it can work out to be more cost effective over all.  If it allows you to get your life back on track much more quickly then there are other obvious savings and benefits from that. Intensive residential EMDR has been carried out successfully in Holland for many years now offering an interesting and mixed programme comprising EMDR, psychoeducation, CBT, and exercise over a 4 days on, 3 days off and 4 days back on programme. 


Whilst this 4 day on, 3 day off, and 4 day on programme is the ideal gold standard option, we offer various packages from an intensive half or full day, a 4 day retreat over the course of a long weekend (Thurs-Sun), right up to the full programme.  Whilst the work is intense, there will be time to pause as and when necessary to reflect on what's coming up.   If you choose to stay on site, accommodation will be in your own self contained 2 bed or 1 bed apartment with access to the swimming pool and gym during your stay to unwind, which is an important part of the programme as in Holland.  Alternatively, there are several other cottages, lodges, or pubs with good food and accommodation locally.  


Prior to booking a retreat an on-line assessment will be arranged with Beverley to assess suitability for intensive EMDR and to make an individual treatment plan together to ensure we make the most of our time together. It is really important to have an ongoing therapy plan in place for after the retreat with an existing therapist and this will be discussed at the initial consultation.  If you do the full programme there will be a follow up appointment at 2 weeks, followed by at 3 months.  

FEES:  Please note that these retreats are not free, and are priced around a typical hourly rate.  Accommodation is booked independently by yourself and we are not able to negotiate a cheaper rate for you.  If you are applying for therapy on a budget then we offer weekly therapy on a more affordable basis according to income - not free - but this option isn't possible for the retreats as we don't receive any grant backing for them.  The retreats are not always covered by health insurance packages, but we do work with AXA PPP, Aviva and Vitality for weekly therapy and AXA PPP have covered the cost of intensive EMDR with us in the past so its worth asking them.

Typical packages:

90 minute assessment online                 - £150

Full day EMDR Intensive                        - £720

Four full days (Thurs-Fri) retreat             - £2,800

Five day (mid-week) retreat                    - £3,500

7 day (Thurs-Wed) retreat                       - £5,000

8 days (Thurs-Sun x 2. Mon-Wed off)     - £5,650

A follow up appointment will be booked prior to the retreat, and any ongoing therapy needs will be discussed at the assessment and at the follow up.  

We also run group retreats for EMDR therapists.

For further details see our other sister website and for availability please send a message via our Contact page on either website

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