Are you supporting people who never seem to be able to break free of life-long struggles with depression, anxiety disorders, suicidal tendencies, PTSD, dissociative identity disorder?  Are you suffering with a complex mental health issue yourself?

Often these conditions are ways of managing overwhelming emotions or experiences that become too unbearable to face—the development of a variety of symptoms which can be seen as an expression of the internal pain and conflict that people are struggling with. The symptoms become a way of trying, unsuccessfully, to manage the emptiness and desperate desire for more.  These are complex conditions and if you want to support people effectively within the church community, it is important to have an understanding of these conditions.  It is also important to consider your own ongoing support and supervision as a team, so that you can provide the best care you can within appropriate boundaries. 

The MORE Course, by Beverley Hutton, is available to purchase as a self-help book. This material integrates a wealth of clinical experience with discipleship to equip individuals to disentangle themselves from destructive thinking and behaviour patterns, including sessions on:

  • Does God Love Me?

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

  • Choosing to Believe the Truth

  • Faulty Belief Systems

  • Changing Negative Behaviour Patterns

  • Changing Negative Thought Patterns

  • Handling Emotions

  • How do I Forgive?

  • Boundaries and Relationships

  • Integrating Therapy and Discipleship

You can purchase the book on Amazon here.


The MORE Course can be run as a discipleship course on overcoming complex mental health conditions from a biblical perspective.  It can be run over eight or nine sessions, with each offering break-out opportunities for group discussion.  You can attend in-house with us at Still the Hunger or host at your own venue.

Insight to MORE.  Attend an insight session (midweek or Saturday morning) to find out more about the course.  Attend in-house at Still the Hunger or host a one-off session at your own venue.

Leadership Training — for your own team to lead The MORE Course yourselves.  Training is over two days at Still the Hunger, taking your through the course material.  The course is then available to purchase as a book with the teaching material and images on CD so the course can be taught by PowerPoint format. 

Contact us for more information, for dates, availability, and to book a place on an in-house event or to discuss hosting your own event.

Still the Hunger by Beverley Hutton is her autobiographical account of an incredible journey of healing and recovery from DID and Anorexia.  Beverley gives detailed insight into the disordered thinking of a fragmented mind and the pain of living with the intrusions and flashbacks from multiple parts. She explains the clinical theory behind the symptoms and shows how to integrate therapy with faith in Christ.


You can purchase the book on Amazon here.


Illustrations from The MORE Course, beautifully created by Jonathon Hutton, are available to purchase as A2 prints, individual Greetings cards, or in packs of 8 notelets. 


Prices:  A2 prints £30, Individual cards £3, Pack of 8 notelets £10, Pack of 10 Christmas Cards £10. (+P&P). Payment is via BACS at point of order.

Choose from the following:

1. I Will Comfort You   2. His Delightful Child   3. Abide in Me   4. Hand of Love   5. Compassionate Shepherds   

6. Don't Worry   7. Take Me by the Hand   8. MORE   9. Christmas

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