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Still the Hunger provides a variety of psychological therapy options for men and women suffering with emotional difficulties, using psychodynamic psychotherapy, group therapy, CBT, EMDR, and compassion-focused therapy approaches.  We work with people on an individual weekly basis as well as offering a variety of therapy groups and a 24/7 on-line forum for group members, where the group can support each other in-between sessions.  We work with conditions including complex trauma, dissociative disorders including DID, BDD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, and other dysfunctional coping mechanisms. Therapy aims to build self-esteem within a supportive environment as individuals learn to overcome negative patterns of thinking and behaviour. By providing individual and group support, people are enabled to address deep issues as they gradually regain control of their lives.


We launched in 2012 by a small group of Christians to alleviate pressures felt both by GP surgeries and the church, due to the worsening mental health crisis. The charity is a positive response to lengthy waiting lists for appointments and the limited resources available to those who need help immediately. We work directly alongside GPs and mental health teams to offer support that isn’t time-limited; we simply help people on a day-to-day basis on an open ended basis

Whilst the charity has a Christian foundation we are clinically qualified and accredited and work with people with any faith or none.  As we have grown over the past few years people have come to us via various routes; including from GPs, social services, church leaders, and by self-referrals. We have seen the charity successfully meet the needs of those who are often the hardest to support, offering quality and effective rehabilitation.

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Registered charity No. 1151004 

Encounter Therapy

We offer a variety of therapy options, from individual psychodynamic, CBT, and EMDR, and group therapy.  This can be open-ended or for either a fixed number of sessions on a short term basis.  We also run a variety of workshops, support groups, training, craft, relaxation and mindfulness, and drama therapy.  Since March 2020 all of our therapy, groups, and training courses have been offered on-line and we have been able to reach a greater number of people from all over the country and internationally.  We will definitely continue to offer therapy and training on-line going forwards, although hope to also be able to offer face-to-face therapy again soon for those who would prefer it.


Therapy involves change and require commitment. Group work will look at understanding coping methods, negative thought patterns and patterns of behaviour through relationships with others; understanding familiar patterns of behaviour, and supporting one another with new tools to bring about change.  We aim to equip people with new strategies to respond positively to distressing memories and trauma, setting realistic goals with each individual for the upcoming days, weeks, and months to come.  All of this is done within a safe environment within which everyone supports each other as we try to achieve our set goals. 

We run a monthly BDD Support Group (Body Dysmorphic Disorder). This runs on the second Saturday of every month (3:30 - 5:00pm) and is open to anybody suffering from body image difficulties, including partners and parents. It is free to attend with no pre-booking required. This group is run in association with the BDD Foundationwww.bddfoundation.org – and operates separately to the rest of our services. This group is co-facilitated by Dr. Monia Conforti and Beverley Hutton. (Tel: 07733 300 705)


Whilst the idea of attending as part of a group can put off some people, there are many benefits to be found in it and we strongly recommend giving it a go before ruling anything out! The groups are no larger than 10 people at a time and have men and women suffering from a wide range of difficulties, all above the age of 18. However, we offer individual therapy as well for anybody over the age of 12 years old, so do contact to see how we might be able to help you.


We know that for some people, change can seem very daunting and a lifestyle is certainly hard to change overnight. Because we recognise this, we want to provide a space where everyone feels welcomed and accepted at the very least. It is this part of our Christian ethos that forms the base for how we run the recovery programme – that everyone is loved and has a life worth living.

We want to provide affordable therapy for everyone, so we operate a sliding scale of fees. We also work with health insurance plans.

If you are interested to know what past attendees of the recovery programme thought, please click here to read more.


On the third Friday of each month, we also run a ministry evening (7:30 - 9pm), which provides an informal opportunity to join us for healing and worship. This is open and free to anybody to come and meet the team, hear testimonies, and is led by Rev. Charles French. Just turn up on the third Friday evening at 7,30pm - no need to book.

We believe that combining therapy with ministry fast-tracks the recovery process. Our hope is that everybody will encounter the peace and love of God during these evenings.

Please note:  This has been on hold since 2020, but we hope to relaunch this area of our work again in 2021.


We offer an eight-week discipleship course on complex mental health conditions, which is designed for small groups and is an ideal resource for the church. It offers interactive friendly sessions aimed towards helping people take back control of their own lives. It shows you how to challenge negative thought patterns and behaviour, as well as showing you how to develop and work towards new attainable goals together. We run this in-house at Still the Hunger, or as an external event within your own church.  For more information, see our Resources page.

We also offer this as a two-day intensive workshop for therapists.

If you would like to discuss how we can bring this to you, or for more information about in-house event availability at Still the Hunger, please click here.